What's the payoff?

Marsh-Wetherell Market Relations provides comprehensive marketing service to a world-wide network of technology companies, to help them focus their marketing efforts on the most timely and cost effective programs. We offer assistance in a wide range of areas, including research, analysis, creative design, public relations, retail packaging, etc.

Our services are always scaled to our clients needs, whether we act as an interim project-marketing department for a small start-up company, work as an extension of an in-house marketing department of a multi-national corporation or provide full-scale public relations agency services.

Our clients select the range of activities that fit their requirements, whether it's producing a brochure, managing a trade show, setting up a focus group or developing a full scale product launch program.

Our efforts are focused on your specific needs and we dedicate a team of top-notched sales and marketing professionals to your program. We come prepared with our technology marketing expertise, an extensive network of industry influencers and luminaries and our long-standing relationship with specialized marketing providers. You get exceptional performance without the need to hire full-time staff and without the overhead.

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