authentic, strategic, and
a supernova of energy

I was in my 20’s in “startup heaven”, Silicon Valley, California. At my first job, as employee number five, I was tasked to set up worldwide distribution channels for this incredible new device, the computer mouse, retailing at a whopping $449. After two wild weeks driving across 13 countries in Europe, I negotiated sales and signed major distributors, learning gobsmacking life lessons along the way.

With each new job in the exploding tech sector that followed, I discovered I had a pronounced communication gene. It showed up when I helped software developers see that bundling mice with computers had value, or when thrilling an audience over an industry-first graphics card.

This was noticed by WordTech Systems, Inc. and I was hired to develop the company’s first marketing and sales plan, manage a staff of 28+ people and create standards to grow a healthier work culture.

The next lesson learned was that companies can be insanely volatile. After only months at a company that courted me for five years, this start-up fired its entire marketing department at an early morning breakfast meeting.

Barbara was born with drive, curiosity and creativity; her skillsets are well-learned and well-earned.
I cursed all the way home, then grabbed the phone and started making calls. Those early years of being fair and direct with people, showing passion for the work and delivering on promises gave wings to Marsh-Wetherell.

Our company grew from tech to service clients in multiple sectors; from nonprofits to retail, from animal welfare and youth support organizations to global logistics and the Royal Scottish Dance Society.

We’ve become a trusted agency, creatively driven and reknown for synergistic programs and meticulously managed projects.

I also continue to serve on a number of Boards.